How to Build a Bullet Trap?


There are lots of different kinds of bullet traps and made out of different materials. Some are for indoors, outdoors, or made of rubber, steel, etc. For more information look here: Building a Bullet Trap;
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1. Drill holes in all four corners of the steel plate with the power drill. Make the holes slightly smaller than the screws you are going to use for the attachment. 2. Cut two 12-
1. Cut a piece of mesh hardware cloth into a 2 foot by 2 1/3 foot piece. Roll the piece lengthwise to make a cylinder. Use steel tie wires to connect the sides together and hold the
1. Draw a straight line all the way around the drum six inches from the top. Cut the top off of the barrel with the hand saw, carefully following the drawn line. Set the removed top
1. Dip a cotton swab into a jar of petroleum jelly and rub a strip of jelly all along the mouth of the coffee can. The petroleum jelly will prevent insects from being able to exit
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How to Build Your Own Bullet Trap
If you are a gun owner or gun enthusiast, you may enjoy practicing target shooting. While there are public shooting ranges as well as a possibility of target shooting in the open, sometimes it is more practical, safe and even inexpensive to practice at... More »
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There are several ways to construct a good bullet trap. Some people will fire into a sand wall or sand that has been built up enough and is thick enough to contain ...
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