How do you build a cardboard pirate ship?


To build a cardboard pirate ship, buy a large, long cardboard box for the body of the pirate ship. Sketch the outline of a ship on the side of the box. Cut out the part of the box that is drawn the shape of the pirate ship. Use glue to attach the pieces of cardboard to each other. Sketch any designs or decorations on the sides of the ship and punch a number of holes along a single line. Cut three pieces of PVC or wooden dowels at diverse lengths. Cut holes in the top of the deck via which to insert the masts and then position one pipe towards the end of the ship, and the main mast straight at the centre. Roll up the cloth and fix it to the cross beams on the mast. Join the masts with string and connect the masts to the ship with the string. Make a wheel for the ship out of cardboard and join it to the deck. Cut short lengths of PVC pipe and paint them black and then put them in the holes in the side of the ship to make canons. Paint the pieces two different colours like black and white.
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1. Find a large cardboard box, such as a refrigerator box. An appliance store might be a good place to get boxes. Flatten the cardboard box so it is easier to handle. 2. Cut the cardboard
you just cut a ship from cardboard.
1. Obtain sufficient polyurethane foam for your project. You should plan the size of your ship so you can calculate the amount of material you need, for the ship in the illustrations
You might like to know how to build a model ship if you love ships and can't seem to get enough of them. Building a Model Ship To start, you will have to decide what type of the many
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How to Make a Cardboard Pirate Ship
Movies and toys on the market make pirate ships popular among children. A cardboard box can be used to make a large pirate ship that can provide hours of play time. For this project a refrigerator box or a box that held a washing machine can be used.... More »
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