How to Build a Cat Tower?


To build a cat tower you will need a design, some plywood, some 2 x 4's, some carpet, some nails, a hammer, some glue, some staples and a staple gun. You can find more information here:
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How to Make a Cat Tower
A cat tower can provide hours of rest and play time for your kitties. While there are many manufactured cat towers or “kitty condos” available for hundreds of dollars, you can make a cat tower for much less and in just an afternoon. With your... More »
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Get a piece of ply wood for the bottom part of the cat tower. Add some 2 x 4s in maybe a tree shape. Add some more plywood to the tops. Add some carpet and this is basically how to
1. Wear work gloves before handling the sisal rope to avoid irritation to your hands. Hammer one end of the sisal rope to the top of the cedar post with roofing nails. Use a nail
I built one -- it's somewhere in the "favorite photos" album on my MSN Space:… Build a smaller version. Put the house at
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