How to Build a Catamaran?


Most of the PVC pipe catamaran builders use the large diameter 10 and 12inch pipes for their custom craft. To make one, cut 8 tubes into 5ft sections. Bend the 10ft sections by slightly heating with a heat gun at the front, over about 1ft. Cement the 6” sections at the 3” point into the long ends of the bent tubes. Then cement the straight 5ft sections onto 3-inch stubs, keeping the joints straight. Next, cement the 4” caps on the front and the 3.5” caps inside the tube’s rear. After this, bundle with straps 9 tubes on each side in rows as: from the top; one, two, three, two, and one. The top tubes will be further back. Lastly, in order to retain the floats, assemble the top wood deck frame and cut 2 round sets on the lower 3” of the 2 by 6 studs. Finally, affix the floats with straps to the deck and carefully adjust their positions.
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