How to Build a Cattle Head Gate?


You will have various options when building a cattle head gate. You can choose to build a wooden one. The wire livestock gate seems to be economical to a large extent.
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1. Set two 8 by 8 inch treated posts 22 inches apart at the planned location of the head gate. Use eight-foot tall posts set at least three feet deep using post hole augers and a
Measure the size that you need to build your wood gate, then cut the lumber to form the rails. Attach the rails in the design that you want, then attach the gate to thepost with heavy
Please see the related link below for a blueprint/template on how to build a cattle guard.
1. Measure out the desired distance for the gate and mark the best location for the two posts. Shovel out a hole at each marking, making the hole 12 inches deep, and 4-by-4 inches
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How to Build a Cattle Head Gate
A cattle head gate holds the animal in place while it is treated with medicine or handled for other purposes. Commercial head gates are available, although the gate can be constructed in most farm shops. The head gate is held open while the animal moves... More »
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