How is a cell phone antenna built?


To build a cell phone antenna, first create a hole for the antenna connector and then solder the copper wire to the bottom of the connector and let it dry. After drying, place the antenna into the earlier created hole with the copper wire in front of the inner of the cans. Finally, link the pigtail to the cell phone.
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1. Unravel and measure at least 16 cm of your electrical wire on a table and, using a pen, mark the 16 cm point. With needle-nose pliers, cut the wire at this mark. Electrical tape
Unless you are an engineering genius, it would be next to impossible not to mention expensive to build a working cell phone. Many cell phone companies offer good deals with a contract
Knowing how to build an HD antenna is useful if you have an HDTV, but you live where you can't get a strong HD signal. More television stations are broadcasting in HD, and there's
1. Measure and cut the 1/2-inch plywood using the circular saw. Cut the plywood to four inches wide and 30 inches long. This will be the main support mast for the antenna. 2. Lay
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How to Build You Own Cell Phone Antenna
Cellular phones are quickly becoming the primary way people are communicating in today's fast-paced society. A mobile phone's reception is absolutely essential when so many people are using cell phones as their primary, and sometimes only, phone line.... More »
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There are a few ways to build a cell phone antenna out of common items. You can even use an old radio antenna to boost your cell phone reception. You can find more information at
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A cause of radiation pollution includes the use of microwaves in one's homes. It also includes the use of various cell phones, TVs, computers, broadcast antennas ...
Cell phones use combined microwave waves and RF waves. The waves are then converted by satellites. The RF waves come from the antenna and can be harmful if transmitted ...
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