How to Build a Chicken Plucker?


Plucking a chicken by hand is a very daunting task. Many people who raise their own chickens also make their on chicken pluckers. You can build on using an electric fan motor and several pieces of plywood.
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1. Put on your protective gear. Lay down the 2-by-8 board. Align the carpet on the end of the board you want to hold the fan motor and attach it with the 1/2-inch staples. 2. Drill
There are blue prints online for free. See it (design completion) Pick a spot (Think about lighting, venting and the weather elements.
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1. Decide whether to build with a one-inch mesh chicken wire or a two-inch mesh chicken wire. Two-inch mesh chicken wire bends more easily, but for some projects it may be too flexible
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How to Build a Chicken Plucker
More people are growing their own food these days, and many are raising their own chickens, both for eggs and for meat. Plucking has always been a major deterrent to raising meat chickens, but you can build a simple chicken plucker to help. By dipping... More »
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