How do you build a cinder-cone volcano?


A good way to teach about the natural world is to make models. A really fun model to build is a cinder cone volcano. A variety of materials is needed for this project. Items such as cardboard, a coffee can, vegetable oil, water, tissue, an air pump, a funnel, duct tape, flour and salt. Detailed steps will assist you in creating a perfect cinder cone volcano at this link.
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1. Determine the size of your model, and choose an appropriately sized bottle or container. Remember that cinder cones are typically twice as wide as they are tall and take this into
cinder cone volcanoes: consist of primarily erupted volcanic ash and rock fragments, or cinders. When the volcano erupts the ash and rock are ejected onto the mountain. As this process
Cinder cones are the smallest type of volcanoes. They are rarely bigger than 400m in height. They are composed when coarse tephra escapes rapidly from molten lave. The gas then is
A cinder cone or scoria cone is a steep conical hill of
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How to Build a Cinder Cone Volcano Model
A cinder cone volcano is not the type that normally comes to mind when most people think of model volcanoes. There is no stream of lava or large explosion with most cinder cone volcanoes. The eruption produces mostly ash, which make modeling this... More »
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Building a cinder cone volcano is quite a bit different than most volcano's built for school activities. It is highly recommended that his project, if done by a child, is monitored by an adult as this can pose a potential hazard. For more information look here:;
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