How to Build a Clothes Rack?


Make the rack about four feet long. Use threaded pipes, elbow joints, and tee joints. Have the hardware store cut the pipes to the lengths you need. Thread the two elbow joints onto the pipe that will be the top of the rack. Screw in two 8' pipes on each tee joint, for the feet. Screw a pipe into the top opening of the tee joints, and screw onto the elbow joints. This site offers a very quick way to build a good clothes rack.
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How to Build Your Own Clothes Rack
Rather than spending money on a clothes rack or pre-fabricated clothes rack kit, save money by building one yourself. Clothes racks can help to organize all of your clothing while keeping it fresh, wrinkle free and easily accessible.... More »
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Are your closets bursting at the seams or are you having a garage sale and need somewhere to hang all your cast-off clothing? A clothes rack can be fashioned from a variety of materials and if function is more important than appearance one can build a rack from a combination of threaded pipes or place a broom handle or sturdy dowel supported by two ladders for a temporary solution. For more information look here:;
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1. Have the hardware store cut the pipe for you. Dry fit all the pieces together first. In other words, assemble the pieces together to make sure the rack has been assembled properly
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