How do you build a cockatiel cage?


Before you build your cage you should decide how may cockatiel are going to be living in the cage as this will determine the size. You will need wood, wire mesh, perches, dishes, glue, hinges, latch and screws to build your cage. For more information look here: For instructions:​how-to-build-a-bird-cage-4028.html;
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1. Cut 12 pieces of 2-inch-by-2-inch wood beam to a length of 3 feet each using the table saw. Make straight, uniform cuts to ensure a tight-fitting framework for the cage. 2. Drill
. This site has some ideas to think about before starting your project.
Want to learn how to build a parakeet cage? Most people buy their main parakeet cages at pet stores for year-round housing, but you can build your own parakeet aviary in your back
1. Cut a piece of welded wire 36 by 36 inches square with your tin snips. This piece constitutes the floor of the cage. Cut another piece 36 by 36 inches square. This piece is the
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How to Build a Cockatiel Cage
Originally from Australia, cockatiels make exceptional caged birds for the home. With a little handiwork you can build a custom-designed cockatiel cage for a fraction of the cost of a store-bought model. Use these directions as a template to build your... More »
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There are various ways to build a nest box for cockatiels. Visit your local library and home improvement store for information and supplies. You can also search ...
Place the bird in a small cage in which the bird can become socialized. Stand near the cage often in order to help your cocktail adjust to human interaction. Initiate ...
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