How to Build a Concrete Curb?


To create a concrete curb, you will need a mold to create the curb. Use wood, metal or other hard materials and cut or bend them to form the desired curve. Secure it in place and pour your mixture and follow the specific directions from there.
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1. Mark the path that the curbing will follow on the ground. Dig out this area with a shovel to a depth of 2 inches and a width of about 10 inches. 2. Compact the soil in the trench
1. Compact the ground in the area where the steps will be poured to keep the steps from sinking as the ground settles. A compaction machine can be rented from a rental shop. 2. Measure
1. Mark the positions for the pergola posts on the concrete. Using a drill and a masonry bit, drill holes into the concrete for the post base connector's expanding bolt. Position
1. Check the foundation or footing that you are building your pillar on to ensure it is level. If you are not sure about its strength, or if you are building a new footing, make it
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How to Build a Concrete Curb
Once you know how to build a concrete curb, you can create attractive borders around your flowerbeds, line pathways and water runoffs, as well as add a border between your lawn and the road. The process is not difficult once you master the use of the... More »
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