How do you build a crawfish trap?


A crawfish trap is basically an cylinder of wire mesh on both ends. Bate is put inside the cylinder and the crayfish try to get it. They crawl through the funnels and fall inside the larger cylinder, but cant get out. You can make the cage itself any shape. The key it to have a small raised opening the cray fish can crawl up and in, but not get out. The funnel shape works well for this. Crawfish Trap plans:
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Building crawfish traps are fairly easy. For detailed instructions go to.
1. Cut a piece of mesh hardware cloth into a 2 foot by 2 1/3 foot piece. Roll the piece lengthwise to make a cylinder. Use steel tie wires to connect the sides together and hold the
1. Locate a flat piece of land that offers at least 40 yards of clear space. Draw a line across this area for the full 40 yards that will serve as the front end of the skeet and trap
1. Cut a frame of 1x12-inch lumber with a top and bottom 18 inches long and the two sides 19 inches long. Cut a back of 3/4 inch plywood 19x18 inches. 2. Fasten the frame to the plywood
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How to Build a Crawfish Trap
The small crawfish caught in the wild are trapped live in wire mesh containers. Crawfish trapping is a tradition in the deep South, especially in Louisiana where crawfish are a part of the Cajun food lore. Multiple traps are deployed in grassy bayou or... More »
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I love crawfish and nothing beats fresh ones. I used to build mine out of wire mesh and rope. Here is a detailed site to let you know the dimensions: For more information look here: How to Make a Crawfish Trap;
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