How to Build a Deck Gate?


One can find various articles and videos that will teach them how to build a deck gate. These sources will include step by step instructions. One will begin this project by building the frame for the gate.
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1. Measure the distance between the posts where you will install the gate. Subtract 1 inch from that measurement and cut two 2-by-4's to that length. 2. Divide the measurement from
To build a driveway gate you would need to measure the width of your driveway. Dig a large hole where the post will be. Mix cement and pour it in and around the post. Lay out the
1. Remove any branches and large debris from the area. 2. Mow any tall grass, if needed. Rake away any cut grass or small debris, including rocks. 3. Mark one long side of the dog
1. Measure the area where you are building the deck. Check to make sure that there are no tree roots, plants or other items in the area; if there are, remove them. Using a tape measure
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How to Build a Gate for a Deck
A deck with a handrail should have a fence. If the deck is higher than 18 inches, you should install a gate instead of gaining access to the yard beyond the deck. A few things should be pointed out before beginning to build your gate. The first is to... More »
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