How to Build a Deck Gate?


One can find various articles and videos that will teach them how to build a deck gate. These sources will include step by step instructions. One will begin this project by building the frame for the gate.
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Things You'll Need. 1 2-by-4, 96 inches long. Pickets. Carpenter's square. Skill saw. Variable speed drill. Philips head screw tip. 1½-inch deck screws. Instructions. Measure
1. Stand the two wooden posts up and verify that they are level. 2. Dig a 2 foot deep hole with a post digger. Keep the hole's width to no larger than 6 inches, as you want the post
Things You'll Need. Lattice. Tape measure. 2x4-inch wide boards, four. Miter saw. Power screwdriver. 4-inch wood screws. 2-inch finishing nails. Hammer. Paint or wood stain. Paintbrush
Things You'll Need. Table saw. 8 pieces of 1x6x10 lumber. 8 penny nails. Hammer. Instructions. Cut two of the 1x6 lumber boards in half, making four 5-foot pieces. Lay two 5-foot
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How to Build a Gate for a Deck
Build a simple deck gate that's attractive and up to code using new lumber or recycled railing material.... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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