How do you build a deck on a mobile home?


To build a deck on a mobile home the distance from the bottom edge of the doorway to the ground needs to be measured. Footers should be set every 6 feet for support of the deck before attaching support posts. Once finished the deck will need to be stained and allowed to dry completely before walking on it.
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1. Rake out a 10-foot square area where you want the deck to go. Level the ground as much as possible. Place a layer of landscape fabric over the pad to keep weeds from growing under
Decks are pretty easy to build. First you need to measure out how big you want your deck. Next you will want to see what material you are wanting to use. Once you have all your materials
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Mobile homes can cost any where from a few thousand to over 100,000 depending on the size, location, age and style of the mobile home. If you figure out what you want and speak with
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