How to Build a Diorama in a Shoebox?


To make a diorama in a shoe box you will need to gather a box, lots of construction paper, scissors, crayons or colored markers and glue. Draw your own design or choose from one of the many ideas offered in this website: For more information look here: Making a diorama in a shoe box;
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Things You'll Need. Poster board. Pencil. Ruler. Fine-tipped markers. Colored pencils. Scissors. Shoe box. Paint brush. Acrylic paints. Sticks. Hot glue gun. Craft grass. Craft glue
i really done know but helps ALOT :
Make your buildings cut out leaving a tab at the bottom of each building for a 3d effect. You can also use pieces of cards,box's just paint and decorate. wax paper is fine for windows
I cannot provide information on building a garage for a large car out of
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