How to Build a Diorama in a Shoebox?


To make a diorama in a shoe box you will need to gather a box, lots of construction paper, scissors, crayons or colored markers and glue. Draw your own design or choose from one of the many ideas offered in this website: For more information look here: Making a diorama in a shoe box;
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1. Paint the inside of a shoe box using black tempera paint. 2. Allow the paint to dry completely. 3. Paint small white stars onto the black paint using white tempera paint. 4. Press
By making it small? I don't understand the question.
ask your mom
This book box doesn't have much room for my triceratops group, but it does offer a front panel good for a backdrop or for text and it adds the concept of 'story' or 'textbook' to
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There's lots of ways to learn and create desert ecosystems. Some of the best ways are to study it in a small shoebox. You can fill the shoebox with sand or dry ...
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