How do you build a dormer roof?


To build a dormer roof, first gather the materials and tools required. Nail the sheeting to the roof, put step flashing and begin with the front wall. Next build the window assembly, attach boards and fasten the top plates. Nail the bottom plates to the roof, double up the trusses and rafters then complete by installing the strand board sheeting.
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1. Step OnePlanningPlan the dormer. This can be a difficult project, and is not a project for the novice remodeler. While you are working on the dormer, there will be an open space
1. Install a rim joist on top of the exterior walls. A rim joist forms a box around the top edge of the roof, like a picture frame, and it must contain the same size dimensional lumber
1. Split the fronds down the spines. Start on the large end using a large knife. Pound a metal pole into the ground and use that as an aid to split the frond down the entire length
1. Cut the 2-by-4 inch boards and plywood as indicated in supplies needed to build a doghouse with a flat roof. 2. Frame 4 of the 2-by-4 inch boards into a square frame by placing
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How to Build a Roof Dormer
Dormers are an excellent way to add an attractive feature to your home, especially if you want something that also serves a functional purpose. Dormers can be used to add an extra room, like a playroom or office, or to add extra space in which to build... More »
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To build a roof dormer, first draw plans for the dormer, or buy them ready-made, and work out its placement and design on paper. Attempt to incorporate your dormer into what is already there, to create a seamless appearance. Mark the placement of the dormer walls on the attic floor using a plump ensuring the walls are square with the outside walls. Transfer the lines you drew on the attic floor to the rafters, cut a 5 by 8 centimetre to the length between the attic floor and the bottom of your roof ridge.
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