How to Build a Duck Boat Blind?


You will need lots of PVC piping in order to make a duck boat blind. You will need to start by laying out the piping and cutting it to the sizes that are needed. See link for more details.
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1. Ensure that the area where the duck blind is to be built is the best location for the arriving flocks of ducks. Having a clear shot near open water or across an open field is ideal
1 Purchase some fiberglass tent poles; you can buy them for about $10. Ad 2 Attach portable blind material to the poles with clothes pins or large clips. 3 Set up the poles and blind
1/2 " pvc pipe , chicken wire , and either fast grass or burlap and cedar . use connectors , pre drilled and screwed to the boat to hold the blind to the boat , that way you
1. Cut the 8 pieces of 12 ft. 2-by-4s in half, to make 16, 6 ft. pieces. Take 4 pieces of 2-by-4s and form a box frame on the ground and take another four pieces of 2-by-4s and create
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Fast Grass, conduit, pvc pipe, bender, angle iron, buts and bolts, plastic netting are all things you will need to build your own duck boat blind,
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