How to Build a Duck Boat Blind?


You will need lots of PVC piping in order to make a duck boat blind. You will need to start by laying out the piping and cutting it to the sizes that are needed. See link for more details.
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1. Ensure that the area where the duck blind is to be built is the best location for the arriving flocks of ducks. Having a clear shot near open water or across an open field is ideal
1 Purchase some fiberglass tent poles; you can buy them for about $10. Ad 2 Attach portable blind material to the poles with clothes pins or large clips. 3 Set up the poles and blind
1/2 " pvc pipe , chicken wire , and either fast grass or burlap and cedar . use connectors , pre drilled and screwed to the boat to hold the blind to the boat , that way you
1. Choose plans from online boat plan retailers. Boat plans are usually available for nearly any style boat desired. Carefully review the plans to ensure the scope of the project
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Fast Grass, conduit, pvc pipe, bender, angle iron, buts and bolts, plastic netting are all things you will need to build your own duck boat blind,
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