How do you build a Ferris wheel?


Cut two circles that are 12 inches in diameter out of the cardboard. Divide each of the two circles into seven equal wedges, much like a slice of pie. Decorate your Ferris wheel with markers, construction paper, glue and paint. Use the markers to draw people riding the Ferris wheel. The people should be on the inside of each wedge. Use your scissors to cut a small X into the cardboard from the outside of the circle.
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Building a Ferris wheel is one way to show physics at play. The reason carts of the Ferris wheel rotate around the axis without people in them plummeting to the ground is a mystery,
Ferris wheels are alot of fun to ride on but how they work is a different story. Are you planning on repairing a ferris wheel? Cause this could take along time to do. For more information
Don't even attempt this unless you have a degree in structural engineering, and experience in this field, and lots of money. And a good lawyer to handle the lawsuits. Too much risk
well by building it duhh slow.
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To build a Ferris Wheel, you will need to obtain the materials, supplies, and tools that are needed for assembly. Start with constructing the frame, making sure it's put together well. Next, you need to assemble the seats before attaching them to the frame. Once the seats are assembled, attach them to the frame and make sure they are sturdy. Finally, you can erect the Ferris Wheel and place it in a safe area. You can find more information here:
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