How to Build a Fish Shocker?


To make a homemade fish shocker you need an old hand cranked telephone, take the magneto from it attach two #10 wires 15 feet in length to it, put the wire into the water and crank the magneto. This will electrocute the fish, I don't get why you would want to kill the fish though!
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first off why do you want to shock your fish?
Most fish ponds start with a big hole and plastic liner to contain the water. Many have filter and circulating pumps to keep the water clear. Many local nurseries and home improvement
you get a fish and put an electric shocker in it.
1. Order the kayak plans and purchase your materials. It's important to use marine plywood because it has additional glue holding the layers of wood together. This makes the watercraft
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How to Make a Fish Shocker
A fish shocker was once a relatively popular way to harvest large numbers of fish from streams, rivers, ponds and lakes. Fishermen often used the magnetos from hand-crank telephones to provide the electrical power for the shocker, scooping up all the... More »
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