How to Build a Fish Shocker?


To make a homemade fish shocker you need an old hand cranked telephone, take the magneto from it attach two #10 wires 15 feet in length to it, put the wire into the water and crank the magneto. This will electrocute the fish, I don't get why you would want to kill the fish though!
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i made a little comment for you on your integral answer:
1. Find the positive and negative posts on the rear of the magneto. 2. Cut the #10 stranded wire into two 15-foot lengths. Strip 2 inches of the insulation off one end of the two
you get a fish and put an electric shocker in it.
Remember those old hand cranks on those antique telephones? Well you find one on ebay, it's called a telephone magneto. Then you get two #10 insulated wires and attach them to the
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How to Make a Fish Shocker
A fish shocker was once a relatively popular way to harvest large numbers of fish from streams, rivers, ponds and lakes. Fishermen often used the magnetos from hand-crank telephones to provide the electrical power for the shocker, scooping up all the... More »
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