How to Build a Frog Trap?


In order to build a frog trap, you need to make something that floats. This is because most likely, if it sinks to the bottom of your lake, you will not be able to catch frogs with it. You need to wait for the frogs to jump in the trap to catch them.
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1. Use the hammer and nail to poke several small holes on the bottom of each bucket so that water does not fill the bucket in the event of rain. Make one 4-inch deep slot on the rim
The biggest factor in building a fish trap is to find the right kind of bait, which depends on the type of fish that you are trying to catch. You can find more information here:
build a pond n let them reproduce in it.
Try frog "fishing" which means put a lure such as fake fishing bait on a fishing line and put it next to a frog in a pond.
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How to Build a Frog Trap
The easiest way to trap a frog is through the use of a drift fence. Many scientists or hobbyists use drift fences to study various animals in an area. For this trap, the fence will be a board that will create a block in a frog's path, at which point it... More »
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