How to Build a Geyser?


There are a couple ways to build a model geyser, but you should be careful. Basic geysers can be made using Mentos and soda, while more advanced models will need things like a Bunsen burner. You can find more information here:
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Things You'll Need. 1/2-inch thick sheet foam insulation. Hobby knife with #11 blades. Ruler. Marker. Newspaper. Masking tape. Plaster cloth. Acrylic paints and brushes. 1-inch nails
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Normally. 114. gas per minute. There are sometimes high yield geysers that give you more, and in some maps (rare now) you need 4 harvesters to get the full yield from the geyser.
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Building a geyser can be dangerous, since you need heat and it makes a mess. Try buying a science kit at your local hobby shop and wear gloves for safety.
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