How to Build a Goat Pen?


To build a goat pen you are going to need some fencing. You can use electric fencing or cattle or hog panels if you don't want your goats to get a jolt. For more information look here:;
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How to Build a Goat Pen
Build a goat pen that has open sides and a sturdy roof, so that fresh air can flow around the goats, but they are still protected from storms and the sun. Use vertical rods instead of horizontal on a goat pen to prevent the goats from catching and... More »
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1. Decide on the fencing material - hog panels, hog wire, barbed wire, electric fencing or a combination. 2. Mark and measure the perimeter of the area to be fenced. 3. Mark the location
The price of a new hutch is approximately $350. However, you can build a
You can learn how to build a rabbit pretty pen by following some instructions. You will also need supplies and your labor. You can build one pretty inexpensively. You can find more
You need really tough and high fencing.preferable wood . as they are really really good at finding ways out.but make sure you staple some wire mesh on the back so that they cant eat
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