How do you build a guinea pig cage?


To build a guinea pig cage you can use a foldable playpen. You can do this by using a few cube grids and attach them together with zip ties. You can find more information here:
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1. Determine what size cage to build. Dimensions seen at a pet store are rarely an appropriate size. Guinea pigs require large cages. A single adult needs a 30-by-36 inch or larger
1 Connect the grids using the grid connectors to form the perimeter of the cage . 2 Measure the length of the inside of the enclosure on the bottom . You can do this with some string
To make a guinea pig cage, you need to start with a careful choice of materials. Guinea pigs chew on wood, so the cage needs to be wire or glass. You can use plastic, but do not be
This site is THE site to go to for guinea pig cage info: Here's the link for how to build one: I
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How to Build a Guinea Pig Cage
When building a guinea pig cage, use chicken wire and wood for the sides and top, but make sure the bottom is plastic and easy to clean. Make sure the bedding for a guinea pig cage doesn't have any oils on it with help from the manager of a pet store in... More »
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