How do you build a guinea pig cage?


To build a guinea pig cage you can use a foldable playpen. You can do this by using a few cube grids and attach them together with zip ties. You can find more information here:
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Determine what size cage to build. Dimensions seen at a pet store are rarely an appropriate size. Guinea pigs require large cages. A single adult needs a 30-by-36 inch or larger cage
This site is THE site to go to for guinea pig cage info: Here's the link for how to build one: I
1 Keep in mind that one Guinea Pig needs at least 8 sq ft of cage space, for two at least 10 sq ft. Of course, the bigger the better! It may seem like a lot of room, but it is necessary
well, you could go to a local petstore and get an okay guinea pig cage for like 30-40 bucks. And the two level ones are like 80-90 bucks. But the best way to get a cage is to go to
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How to Build a Guinea Pig Cage
When building a guinea pig cage, use chicken wire and wood for the sides and top, but make sure the bottom is plastic and easy to clean. Make sure the bedding for a guinea pig cage doesn't have any oils on it with help from the manager of a pet store in... More »
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