How do you build a guinea pig cage?


To build a guinea pig cage you can use a foldable playpen. You can do this by using a few cube grids and attach them together with zip ties. You can find more information here:
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1. Create the frame of the cage. Use gridded, snap-together shelving units (available from discount stores such as K-mart and Target) to form the sides of the cage. Buy grids with
Make sure they have clean cages, with plenty of newspaper, pine shavings, and hay. They need a balanced diet of vegetables, fruit, hay, and a good pellet food. They need plenty of
No it isn't necessary to have a cage inside for her. If she isn't too cold or warm outside and has access to water (and if it's safe) , I'd just let her live out there. Your guinea
There are different opinions on this. 1. One or two guinea pigs need a cage that's about four feet long and two feet wide. They don't need a lot of space. The cage should be regularly
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How to Build a Guinea Pig Cage
When building a guinea pig cage, use chicken wire and wood for the sides and top, but make sure the bottom is plastic and easy to clean. Make sure the bedding for a guinea pig cage doesn't have any oils on it with help from the manager of a pet store in... More »
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Yes! Guinea Pigs can either live outside or indoors. If you keep them in doors for hygienic reasons it is best to get a plastic bottomed cage as this wont soak ...
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