How to Build a Ham Radio?


To build a ham radio you will need a ham radio kit, a Phillips screwdriver, electrical testers, needle-nose pliers, nut drivers, slotted screwdrivers, soldering gun, wire nippers and wire strippers. For more information look here: Instructions For Building A Ham Radio;
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1. Gather all your tools and organize your shed area with a defined work bench, storage, exterior access for antenna cables, adequate fused electrical power, and a comfortable chair
A shortwave radio is sometimes called a "ham" radio. Shortwave radios can broadcast over long distances and are sometimes aided by relay signals called repeaters. Ham operators
Get a hold of a copy of the ARRL Handbook. You can either buy one off of eBay or Amazon or get a copy from your local library. Alternatively there's a DVD which has umpteen issues
"Ham Radio" is a term used to describe the activities of licensed amateur radio operators. In general, it covers the activities worldwide of individuals whose hobby involves
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1. Determine where you desire to place your cigarette lighter receptacle into the plastic battery case, making sure to place it in a location where the battery ...
A ham radio is a radio shaped like a ham. I am getting hungry. Just kidding. Ham radio is actually an amateur radio used by participants to communicate with each ...
Ham radio aka amateur radio is a unique mix of fun, public service and convenience on air. Although hams get involved for several reasons, they all have a basic ...
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