How can I build a hogan for a school project?


Hogan is a dwelling place created by Navajo Indians. A hogan school project can be made of logs, mud, adobe and other natural materials available in the area.
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1. Glue six sticks in a hexagonal shape on the cardboard, leaving a small opening for a door. Overlap the sticks slightly, so the hexagon is about 8 inches in diameter. 2. Glue seven
Learning to build a castle is a wonderful project for school. I have a link for you that takes you to a tutorial to make this project easier for you.
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How to Build a Hogan for a School Project
Hogans are dwellings developed by the Navajo tribe. These five-, six- or eight-sided buildings are made of logs, mud, adobe or whatever other natural materials are available in the area. Small hogans where men meet are termed male hogans, while larger... More »
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