How do you build a house for a school project?


A shoe box or other small cardboard box makes a great start for a miniature house. Draw your choice of exterior finish, whether it's vinyl siding, bricks or cabin logs, on plain construction paper and then cut to fit before gluing it on. Decide where you want windows and doors, and draw them on in pencil before you cut them out.
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1. Contact the business office of your local school district and make sure that your class is properly insured to take on the project of building a house. Use the school district
You only need cardboard, hay/straw, thermocol, glue, paint and visit for more details.
Want to build a virtual house for fun, but don't know how to get started? All you need is an account with the online virtual reality game, Second Life. Once you have joined Second
1. Lay out the design of your pool house using builder's string and stakes. Allow for plumbing and electricity as needed. Mark the location of your posts and bathroom essentials with
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How to Build a House for a School Project
Career Technical Education has received a boost in the K-12 arena over recent years, and school programs in the construction trades are growing. These programs, once capable of only producing things like cabinetry and backyard sheds, are now turning out... More »
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