How do you build a house for a school project?


A shoe box or other small cardboard box makes a great start for a miniature house. Draw your choice of exterior finish, whether it's vinyl siding, bricks or cabin logs, on plain construction paper and then cut to fit before gluing it on. Decide where you want windows and doors, and draw them on in pencil before you cut them out.
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1. Tape one end of a small cardboard box closed. Seal it as you would if you were going to fill it with things using packing tape. This will be the floor of your house. Set this end
Building a stone house is more of an art than a simple how to project. One basic rule or school of thought is to overlap your rocks as much as you can, similar to laying bricks. This
In order to build a house using cardboard, you must obtain a certain type of glue that works well with the other substance you are using, then lay down four solid walls to support
1. Purchase the wood. Go to a lumber yard or local home improvement store and get four pieces of 1-by-4 inch poplar board. Ask to have two of the boards cut to 55 1/4 inches and to
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How to Build a House for a School Project
Career Technical Education has received a boost in the K-12 arena over recent years, and school programs in the construction trades are growing. These programs, once capable of only producing things like cabinetry and backyard sheds, are now turning out... More »
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You can build a light house for a school project by constructing Legos. Or you may want to make one out of cardboard or plastic glued together. It is not advisable ...
You can build a model pueblo easily. Simply get some clay and make a boxy looking house. Use a picture to go by. You can also use some straw or dried grass in ...
Hogan is a dwelling place created by Navajo Indians. A hogan school project can be made of logs, mud, adobe and other natural materials available in the area. ...
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