How to Build a Hunting Camp?


As long as you have the available land and the permits needed you can have a simple hunting camp or one with cabins. Build some small cabins in the woods or just use tents and put a big fire pit in the center. Start inviting hunters to come on out and hunt.
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The hunting camp can will be different based on size location, number of members and what you are hunting. First, make rules and have everybody agree to them. These would be things like time for light outs, first one up in morning does this or that, no loaded guns in camp area, etc. Set goals for camp - both long and short term. These would be hunting related and camp improvement related. Have regular meetings at a time where everybody can attend. Elect a leader, and share the work load. It will only works if you do it as a team and have a plan and communicate effectively. You will have mistakes, but do not let them break your resolve, learn from them and move on. Celebrate success and build on it. For more information look here:;
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1. Adobe/earth cabins can incorporate local poles as rafters, headers and upright supports. pretty teenage girl by an adobe wall image by from Use the
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1. Adobe/earth cabins can incorporate local poles as rafters, headers and upright supports. Use the shovel for digging a trench under your planned foundation. ...
To build a camp you will need a good quality setting which is usually near a river then make sure your water supply and drainage and also to have the open side ...
You can find hunting camps for sale through real estate agents in Tionesta, PA. You may also be able to locate these in newspaper classifieds. There are sites ...
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