How to Build a Lanai?


Lanais are a great addition to your home if you love to entertain outdoors. Your first step is to pour the concrete pad. Hire a contractor if you can't do this yourself. Check out this site for more on building a lanai:
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Building a lanai is a great feature that can be added to your home. These are great for being outside and covered. You can sit and enjoy the weather without getting wet or anything happening to you. Great for friends coming over or just sitting out there enjoying yourself and relaxing. For more information look here:;
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i am going to build a lanai with walk on roof and places to hang fans also would like window in it instead of screen it is 16 by 26 feet.
We were just with a family over the weekend looking at homes on Marco Island with comparable sold prices in the $290 range. I showed them a couple of new home options starting in
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A good size for a lanai is about 12'x24'. Start with pouring a concrete pad of this size. Install a flashing on the soffit then build the main wall. Next is the ...
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