How to Build a Laser Pointer?


Building a laser pointer can be dangerous and unlawful. A simple laser pointer that does the same thing would be to tape the cover of a flashlight except for a tiny circle and put a red bulb in the flashlight and viola' you have a laser pointer. You can find more information here:
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1. Choose an appropriate laser diode. The laser diode is the part of the laser pointer that produces the laser. They range in power and intensity. A laser diode from a CD player will
1 Buy a laser pointer. A red one ($1-$5) or green one($10-$20) would do. Ad 2 Play with the newly-acquired laser. Play with a pet. Some dogs and cats will chase the laser dot around
it depends on what strength you have. 5mw-60mw - nothing. 65mw-80mw - meh, bit of heat. 95-125mw - stings, probably get a burn. 130mw-150mw - ouch! HAWT! HAWT! 155mw-300mw - I was
Background The laser pointer is a low cost portable laser that can be carried in the hand. It is designed for use during presentations to point out areas of the slide or picture being
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How to Build a Laser Pointer
A laser pointer follows the same basic design as that of a flashlight, except that a laser diode is used instead of an incandescent bulb. You can build your own laser pointer from a disposable plastic flashlight, a few supplies commonly found around the... More »
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