How to Build a Laser Pointer?


Building a laser pointer can be dangerous and unlawful. A simple laser pointer that does the same thing would be to tape the cover of a flashlight except for a tiny circle and put a red bulb in the flashlight and viola' you have a laser pointer. You can find more information here:
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To build a laser pointer you can take a flash light, put a red bulb in it. Take up the front and make a hole in the middle. You will have a laser pointer made from home.
1. Put the cloth down on the work surface. Take the LED flashlight and remove the battery cap and the batteries and put them down on the cloth. Unscrew the reflector from the front
1. Buy a laser pointer. A red one (1-5) or green one(10-20) would do. Ad. 2. Play with the newly-acquired laser. Play with a pet. Some dogs and cats will chase the laser dot around.
it depends on what strength you have. 5mw-60mw - nothing. 65mw-80mw - meh, bit of heat. 95-125mw - stings, probably get a burn. 130mw-150mw - ouch! HAWT! HAWT! 155mw-300mw - I was
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How to Build a Laser Pointer
A laser pointer follows the same basic design as that of a flashlight, except that a laser diode is used instead of an incandescent bulb. You can build your own laser pointer from a disposable plastic flashlight, a few supplies commonly found around the... More »
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