How do you build a LEGO train?


To build Lego trains, the first step is to purchase a train set from the Lego Shop or a toy store that carries Lego brand products. The next step is to follow the instructions that come with it. Based on the building instructions found on the Lego website, the steps for building Lego trains vary per model. Building instructions per train model can be retrieved from the Lego website.

People who prefer to build complex Lego trains will find many resources online. Websites like The Creators Project and offer detailed instructions on how to create these. The Creators Project blog offers detailed instructions with pictures to cover tiny details like OLED train schedules, railway lights and even switchers. These advanced projects require some electrical knowledge and a little more money to spend on parts.

Popular amateur Lego blog, offers extensive instructions and tips on creating various colorful and detailed landscapes that a collectors Lego trains can move through. Even owning an official set is no impediment to creativity and the imagination as mixing and matching bricks from different sets is open to everyone. Instructions and even beautiful pictures of these personal projects are all aggregated at Railbricks. Missing a brick is no problem, as anyone can easily order specific bricks straight from Legos official store. Bulk orders often come with free shipping and delivery.

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1. Clip the speed regulator track clips to the compatible LEGO rail. A compatible rail has a metal track on the inside and comes with LEGO sets numbered #4515, #4519, #4520 or #4531
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