How to Build a Lego Train?


To build a Lego train, take your first Lego with wheels to be used as the engine car. Build up the sides of the engine car so that they are slightly higher than the middle. Put small, flat Legos with markings on the blocks and place them in the middle front part of the train. Place the Lego conductor closely behind the controls in the middle of the first car. Attach your engine car to the next car. Add Legos to the second car to achieve the look you want.
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1. Take your first Lego with wheels to use as your engine car. If your wheeled Legos have places for attachments at either end, try to find one with only one extension. 2. Build up
Get yourself a big heaping pile of legos and then just start clicking and pushing them together. Before long you'll see a shape forming, then alter it and change things around to
1. Play through the game until you learn the spell "Expelliarmus" and the language "Parseltongue" after the second level of Year Two. Go south from the classroom
1. Choose where you will build your model. It is important to have good light, especially for spotting small pieces, so a lamp can be handy for illuminating the building area. To
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