How to build a nerf fort?


1. Find four tall objects. it can be a pole, stick or even a very tall chair. 4 tall objects (kinda) 2. Find a good sized blanket. it has to be slightly larger than your base or else it won't work. You may use tarp as a replacement. Camouflage works
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1. Decide how small or large you need your fort to be in order to win your battles and sketch it out. This decision determines the types of facilities to add to your Nerf fort like
get a whole bunch of plastic trash cans and start building.
It should be at least waist high and several inches thick at the top, but much thicker at the bottom. Pack the snow densely so that incoming snow balls don't chip away at it. A curved
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A fort can be defined as a fortified building, strategic position, a permanent army post or a trading post. It can also mean a business district which is located ...
It requires a full day and is a bit of a project. It however provides hours of fun for the children. Things one will need when building a fort are tape measure ...
To build a fort you need a table saw, a screwdriver, nails, screws, some wooden posts, chicken wire, shower curtain with hangers and wire cutters. For more information ...
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