How to Build a Nipa Hut?


To build a Nipa hut, you will need step-by-step instructions. The instructions should include a list of materials, and hand and power tools that are required to complete this project. To build the frame of the hut, you will need bamboo and spikes.
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1. Determine the height you want your tiki hut to be. Measure four bamboo poles to that desired height. Saw off the edges to cut the poles. Decide how wide you want the hut to be
they used mud and sitcks + straws.
If you spend $200 US then you got ripped off. A nipa hut is the cheapest (but very durable) house you can make. You can get workers for $2.50 per day + food. But be sure to stay with
If they had a flood there should be plenty of free mud so it would not cost anything.
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