How to Build a Parade Float?


You will need 2 by 2 inch wood, wire, staple gun, staples, nails, hinges, adjustable ruler, scissors, carpet knife, double face tape. Find out the relevant details before you begin building and borrow or build a flat trailer to give you an idea of the size of the float. Decide on the message of your float and choose a design. Use 2 by 2 inch wood for the frame construction allowing a 16 inch clearance from the ground up to the bottom of the frame on the trailer sides and rear. Build a slanted skirt frame to cover the front of the trailer leaving room for it to manoeuvre with the wood skirt attached to the trailer bed using hinges for ease of movement. Choose floral sheeting and staple it to the bottom of the skirt and trailer deck once you have cut it to the correct size. Measure the trailer’s length to figure out the amount of fringe and festooning needed. Use staples to attach the decorative fringe to the bottom of the skirt and petal festooning to cover the line where the floral sheeting and fringe meet. Secure the props to the top of the trailer using nails, staples, glue, wire and other materials.
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1. Find out the specifics about entering before you begin building the parade float. Know how much the entry fee will be, note the entry deadline, check out rules about transporting
Parades are best known for festive themed parade floats. Some of the most famous parades in the world, such as the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the various parades for Mardi
They are called parade etiqueetess. Thanks for texting ChaCha!
1. Contact the Parade Organizers. Many times, the parade committee will have resources to help you build your float. They should also have entry information (time to be at the formation
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