How do you build a patio bar?


To build a Patio Bar, you need to first consider the number of people you usually entertain, the amount of money you would consider spending and determine whether you will need a professional to design it or do it yourself. Determine all the appliances you will need such as a sink, a blender, a fridge among others at the bar. Use products that will survive the location for example if you're using bricks or concrete you will need a foundational pad.
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Outdoor living has taken over as one luxury families really want today. Eating and drinking outside just seems like more fun and less work. Adding a feature like a patio bar, pool
1. Create the center supports for the patio cover by twisting a peak center down fitting - which is a five-way fitting with two bent arms, two straight horizontal arms and one straight
1. Measure and mark a 8-by-14 inch rectangle on one side of the patio door, about 3 inches up from the bottom. Make the 14 inches the height and the 8 inches the width. Drill a hole
1. Mark the positions for the pergola posts on the concrete. Using a drill and a masonry bit, drill holes into the concrete for the post base connector's expanding bolt. Position
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