How to Build a Pig Pen?


There are several steps in building a pig pen. The first of the steps are to flatten the area where you will set up your pen. Make sure that there is plenty of drainage. You can find more information here:
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Instructions. Select an area to build the pen. Make sure the area is dry and doesn't flood or get too muddy. Grass is great for donkeys and can allow you to feed less grain or hay
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a pig pin needs to be atleast mostly soft dirt and then u need a potrtion concreate with savings or river sand.
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How to Build a Pig Pen
Hog wire is better than chain-link fences when building a pig pen. Learn about building a pig pen for show hogs from an FFA member in this free animal husbandry video.... More »
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Building your own pig pen is fun and easy to do. Keeping your pigs safe from becoming another animals dinner is also wise. Pigs also use the pen for their living/sleeping quarters. You can find more information here:
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