How to Build a Pirate Cannon?


Looking for a perfect object to wow others at your next party or gathering? Have a pirate theme with a working pirate cannon. This can shoot out harmless cannonballs made out of baby powder, but as always be careful with an item such as this. To make one you will need PVC pipes, foam, paint, and other materials. For full detailed instructions on creating your pirate cannon click on this link.
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Things You'll Need. 4 feet of 4-inch PVC pipe. 2 feet of 1-inch copper pipe. Cordless screwdriver. Drywall screws. Electrical tape (several rolls). Black spray paint. Sand paper.
2.5 feet (0.8 m) of Sch. 40 PVC or ABS pipe A small air compressor powered by a battery A small PVC( NOT ABS ) valve A 2in-1/2 reducer 3 feet (0.9 m) of 1/2 in Pipe One cap and tire
If you climb all the way to the top of the island, there is the Corsair Cannons shop. Climb onto that shop and left onto the mainmast where you see the flying skull-and-crossbones
Lucky for you, a pirate ship (a brig, not a galleon) was recently constructed from scratch in 1989. She is the Lady Washington, a full-scale replica of an 18th century ship of the
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To build a pirate cannon you will need 4 feet of 4 inch PVC pipe, 2 fet of 1 inch copper pipe, drywall screws, screwdriver, electrical tape, black spary paint, sandpaper, a wood crate, a camera and a couple small plastic bowling balls.
A pirate cannon is an easy thing to build. Children love them and you can use it as a theme for a birthday party. To build a pirate cannon you will need PVC pipe, copper pipe, a cordless screwdriver, drywall screws, electrical tape, black spray paint, sandpaper, a wood crate, a camera and small plastic bowling balls. You can find more info at:
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