How can one build a platform bed frame?


To build a simple platform bed frame, build a frame by using two by fours and once you have a nice strong frame, then cover it with plywood and paint it to match your decor.
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1. Cut or have the lumber yard cut your lumber to the measurements below. Twin size mattress-one 4x8 foot sheet of particle board cut to 40x76 inches, (4) 1x12s cut to 28 inches,
1. Build a wooden framework for your cement foundation by nailing together straight lumber in the shape of the platform. The lumber doesn't need to be high quality, but it should
1. Lay down two sheets of plywood, parallel and next to each other. You should build your deadlift platform where you plan to use it. It will be difficult to move otherwise. 2. Set
1. Cut the lumber. Take your 8-foot 1-by-6 pieces and use your circular saw to cut them in half so you have six 4-foot rails. Put one rail aside. Trim three of the rails to 3 feet
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How to Build a Platform Bed Frame
Platform beds offer a modern, simple look for your bedroom, as well as firm back support. Building your own is also an economical do-it-yourself project. The building materials for a platform bed will usually cost less than $100 and may be obtained at an... More »
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