How can one build a platform bed frame?


To build a simple platform bed frame, build a frame by using two by fours and once you have a nice strong frame, then cover it with plywood and paint it to match your decor.
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1. Cut the pieces of particle boards to measure a total of 62-by-82 inches. Queen beds measure 60-by-80 inches, and you will need a few inches of overhang for tucking in sheets and
1. Cut the wood boards to the needed lengths, which depend on the size of your box springs. Be sure to measure carefully and check your measurements before you cut, to keep cost to
1. Saw 2-by-6-inch lumber into enough pieces for a frame that's your desired size. For a twin bed, the frame should be at least 42 inches by 78 inches. A full frame should be at least
1. Lay the four beams in a rectangle with the short (57 inch) beams inside the long (80 inch) beams. Lay the beams on their thinner (2 inch) sides. 2. Connect the rectangle with two
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How to Build a Platform Bed Frame
Building your own home furniture is a great way to save money and decorate your home with custom, one-of-a-kind pieces. In addition, these pieces become conversation starters and, sometimes family heirlooms. Bedroom furniture is typically one of the most... More »
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