How to Build a Playground Slide?


You can build a playground slide by first building a ladder. You need to make sure the ladder is very secure. You then can add the slide onto the ladder making sure they are both very secure.
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1. Cut thick 3-by-4 wooden posts for the slide’s supporting structure. Measure and mark height of the posts from the ground to the platform at the top, but also add 3 feet for
1 Make a small wood house for them to walk in and out of. Put some comfy shavings or straw in there as a bedding, some food, and maybe a little mobile at the ceiling. Don't make it
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Playground slides come in all different shapes and sizes. It's impossible
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How to Build a Playground Slide
A slide is one of the most common features on a children’s playground. It is basically a smooth slope with ladder on one end, soft landing surface on the other and slightly folded sides to keep the child from falling over. Slides may be simple and... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
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