How do I build a portable stage?


Lay the sheet of plywood over the wooden pallets, and nail it into place to form the stage floor. Attach one six feet tall to each corner of the stage, so that you have four vertical posts. Use the 4 feet long 2x2s to join the posts on the shorter ends of the stage. For the back curtain, screw the remaining piece between the back posts. Install the shower curtain rod between the two front posts. Staple three of the shower curtains to the wooden frame around the back and sides. Hang the remaining shower curtain from the rings at the front. Use cinder blocks to elevate the platform. Host your performance.
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1. Cut five 2-by-4s to 3 feet 9 inches long. Lay out two full-length (8 feet) 2-by-4s on the ground on their 2-inch edges, then place the cut pieces of 2-by-4 between these two pieces
to build your own portable stage you need to know what you use it for .Building a portable stage you need to build your portable stage on a large floor and while building try to put
1 Lay out a piece of 4-by-8 foot (2.4 m) plywood and attach 2-by-4 boards to the bottom around the edges with two vertically through the middle as illustrated in the diagram below
1. Draw large cactus images on foam block. The image should have at least two arms. The block should be about 6 inches deep. If your foam is not deep enough, connect several pieces
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How to Build a Portable Stage
Portable staging can be used for a variety of purposes, such as holiday celebrations, graduations, music performances and plays. Commercial portable staging can be prohibitively expensive to purchase for smaller performance groups, but by using standard... More »
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