How to Build a Prayer Kneeler?


In order to build a prayer kneeler you will need a drill, screwdriver, rubber mallet and some wood glue. You will also need some sandpaper, saw and router clamps. Begin by selecting the hardwood you would like for your kneeler.
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Things You'll Need. 2 Hardwood 2" x 12" x 40" boards. 2 Hardwood 2" x 6" x 28" boards. 1 Hardwood 2" x 12" x 20" board. 3 Hardwood 1"
Many people are interested in making that piece of furniture which is called a prayer kneeler. But what exactly is a prayer kneeler and how do you make it? Well, simply put, a prayer
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How to Build a Prayer Kneeler
A prayer kneeler is a piece of furniture with a small shelf for books and a wooden or padded cushion for kneeling. The arms rest on the top, which may also have a small slant and edge to hold a book.... More »
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