How do you build a pueblo for a school project?


You can build a model pueblo easily. Simply get some clay and make a boxy looking house. Use a picture to go by. You can also use some straw or dried grass in its construction.
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1. Cut a piece of plywood or thick cardboard for the base. Paint the base light brown to resemble the desert area where the Pueblo Indians live. 2. Arrange rectangular boxes to create
out of clay.
1. Wrap at least 2 to 3 meters of copper or aluminum magnet wire multiple times around a steel or iron nail that is 10 cm or longer. Leave approximately 30 to 35 cm of wire unwound
Lay the poplar boards out flat and cut both ends of all four to a 45-degree angle using your wood saw and 45-degree triangle or mitre box. Measure and cut the velveteen fabric into
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How to Build a Pueblo for a School Project
The Pueblo Indian culture reaches back thousands of years to the Mesa Verde area of the Southwest where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet. Pueblo Indians live in distinctive homes made of adobe, stone and wood. They have flat roofs and... More »
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