How to Build a Puppet Theatre?


Building a puppet theatre for your children’s entertainment at home or for school activities can be a fun experience. get ideas on how to build a puppet theatre by visiting
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You will need a PVC material for the frames and 8 'T' joints each measuring ¾ of an inch, 8 right angle joints and 6 wall pipe pieces of 10 feet. Cut 5 PVC pipes into 3 pieces each measuring 3 feet in length and one piece measuring 1 foot. From the remaining pipe, cut 3 pieces of 1foot length then assemble up to 4 frames with a T-Joint at each of the bottom corners. Repeat the procedure using a right angle joint at each of the top corners and then put a piece of 1 foot PVC at the bottom to support extensions of the leg. Firmly attach the sections to enhance support.
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1. Cut out a "window' in the box. Glue the sheet of white paper to the window to make the screen. 2. Glue the decorations to the borders of the box or draw on them to spruce
There are many patterns available online that can be blown up, printed and then put together easily. A color printer would give you greater detail. These are perfect and easy for
1 Cut lumber for the rails, which will form the top and bottom of the flat. You need 2 4-foot (1.2 meter) boards from 1-by-3-inch (20 by 65 mm) or 1-by-4-inch (20 by 90 mm) of pine
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A puppet theater can be made from a large refrigerator box. These can be requested from an appliance shop. Stand the box up, cut an opening for the stage, staple ...
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You can buy puppet theatre online from Amazon website. Here you can get a puppet theatre and other accessories which one can order through the internet. You need ...
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