How to Build a Pyramid out of Cardboard?


Cardboard pyramids are very easy to make. You'll need cardboard, scissors and several other things. Your first step is to use the cardboard and scissors to cut out an equilateral triangle and square. Check out this site for more information:
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A pyramid is a building or object made out of several triangles sitting on a base and angling in to meet at the top. Although the pyramid's sides are triangular, the base may have
make a square base, and 4 triangles of certain lengths so that all spaces are covered and also make sure that the triangles have the same angles in every corner.
1. Look at pictures of Mayan pyramids to decide which structure you want to showcase. Chichen Itza is a famous Mayan pyramid, and it is a more simple design than some of the other
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To build a great Egyptian pyramid project out of cardboard you will need, some cardboard, some scissors, a ruler, some glue, and a pen. For more information look here:;
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