How to Build a Quail Trap?


In order to build a quail trap you will need some chicken wire, zip ties and wire rings. You will also need wire cutters, pliers and 18 gauge wire. Begin by folding the chicken wire in half width-wise. and applying a wire ring along 1 side of the bottom.
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1. Fold the large section of chicken wire in half across its width. Using the pliers, fasten a wire ring every two inches along one side and the bottom edge of the chicken wire to
1. Cut the four sticks to a length larger than the animal that you are trying to catch. These will be your frame, and must be large enough to cover the animal. 2. Lay two sticks on
1. Build a square wooden frame out of the four 2-by-6 boards. Hammer the corners together with the hammer and nails, using about two or three on each corner, making sure that the
1. Choose durable lumber to help the trap last. Choose lumber that can retain its integrity despite sustained contact with the ground and moisture. Redwood resists termites and decay
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How to Build a Quail Trap
Trapping quail is an excellent way to obtain the little birds without shooting them. You can construct a simple trap out of chicken wire. This trap has small, funnel-shaped entrances that guide the birds into the trap. Once inside, the opening in the... More »
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