How to Build a Radio Jammer?


Building a Radio Jammer is illegal in most, if not all parts of the world as it interferes with crucial signals including those for security forces.
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To build a radio, you must first decide what kind. After determining the kind of radio, you must then gather all the needed parts and tools. Once all that is done the fun begins,
JAMMERS, per se, are mostly ILLEGAL, as they infringe on legitimate COMMUNICATIONS, but LOOK HERE, for anti-spyware devices. Source(s)
1. Build the station kit. Assemble the radio station kits by following the manufacturer's guidelines. Kits typically include a transmitter, a built-in mixer with two line inputs,
To build a radio you will need a receiver and a sender. This would be an antenna and some radio station sending a signal. You will also need an amplifier or speaker to hear the translated
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An FM radio jammer can be made by Plugging in a light soldering iron that is limited to a power of 25 Watts. Clean the component leads with a piece of emery paper ...
Go to a Radio Shack ...
It is illegal in the United States for any civilian to own a cell phone signal jammer. Therefore, you should not make one, as there will be consequences. For ...
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