How to Build a Roof over Mobile Home?


Building a roof over a mobile home can improve the homes value especially if it's a tin roof. Putting a roof on any home usually takes more than one person and can be done faster. To get started you need to figure out what type of roof design you want. Check out this link for great tips and instructions on building a roof:
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1. It is a good idea to determine how you will put your roof together. Do you want a slanted roof or a flat roof? If slanted, how big of a slant do you want? Make a quick drawing
Go to a home building supply store and look at their temporary garages or corrugated roof shelters. Economical and quickly installed using tubular steel.
it all depends on the type of metal u choose to use for the roof, the quality of the work, the style in which it is done and who does it. to get the price u need to have a contractor
A roof structure over a porch, often referred to as a porch canopy, is a cantilevered roof system that ties into the existing building and roof, with supporting posts at the outer
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How to Build a Roof Over a Mobile Home
Building a roof over a mobile home will not only improve the aesthetic quality of a mobile home, but it will also cut down on heating and cooling costs. A roof over a mobile home can also help prevent damage from falling tree limbs as well as cut down on... More »
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To put a roof over your mobile home you need to build a knee wall down the full length of the trailer. Use screws to attach these to the metal and the trusses. Then cover with metal and attach securely. You can purchase the knee trusses already built at Home Depot.
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Most of the time you can fix the leak by sealing the entire roof. You can also replace or cover the old roof with a new metal or rubber roof. If sealing is not ...
Mobile home roof trusses support the roof sheeting which divides rain water. To find roof trusses on mobile homes, you'd need to undo the roof. These usually on ...
Being able to sit outside even when it's raining is wonderful, when you have a roof over top the deck. Getting the right amount of lumber and plywood, along with ...
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