How to Build a Runway Stage?


You can build a runway stage by first determining how much room you have. The runway should extend to a length of about 2/3 of the room you are using. The runway should be able to be at least 4 feet wide, but can extend to up to 8 feet wide depending on the venue. Build the runway out of sturdy wood. The frame should be made of 2x4s with supports running down the middle. The outside of the runway can be covered with 3/4 to 1 inch plywood.
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1. Determine the dimensions you want for your runway stage. The length depends on how long you want the models or contestants to walk the catwalk and how many models you want on the
You can easily build a small stage for outdoor or indoor use with some simple materials. You will need 2 x 4 lumber, some screws, and a drill. Build the stage upside down for easier
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1 Lay out a piece of 4-by-8 foot plywood and attach 2-by-4 boards to the bottom around the edges with two vertically through the middle as illustrated in the diagram below. Screw
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