How do you build a saddle rack?


You can make a saddle rack out of PVC pipes and connectors. You will want to start off by putting the pipes in a four way connector. You can also use wood. See link for more details.
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1. Saw one end of each of the 33" boards into a point with an angle of approximately 110 degrees. Each of the angled edges should be approximately 6 1/2" in length. 2. Nail
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1. Set the miter saw to make 45-degree cuts. Place a 1-by-4-inch plank on the saw table with its 1-inch surfaces horizontal. Hold the plank firmly against the guide fence, and trim
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How to Make a Saddle Rack
A saddle rack can instantly clean up a tack room or horse trailer by keeping saddles off the ground and in shape. Saddle stands and racks can be very expensive, especially when paying for a good quality rack. Making your own saddle rack also allows you... More »
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To build a saddle rack, you will need, pine wood, oak plywood, some Kreg screws, wood screws, sandpaper, wood filler and wood glue, and polyurethane. For more information look here:;
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