How to Build a Second Story Deck?


If you want to build a deck off of the second story of your home, you will probably need to get a building permit, depending on your jurisdiction. You may need the plans to get the permit. If you build it with wood, you'll want to make sure it is suitable for outdoor use.
Q&A Related to "How to Build a Second Story Deck?"
1. Dig holes at the four corners of the deck and every 8 feet or less along the sides, if the deck is more than 10 feet on a side. If the deck is more than 10 feet wide, additional
1. Build the leg section first by selecting two of the 84-inch long legs. Set them on a level surface, standing them on the long narrow edges, and place a leg brace across them, flush
1. Determine your time budget for stage assembly. Knowing the time allowed for assembly is important to platform assembly logistics. 2. Construct stage platforms. Use only ¾
1. Figure out the size and shape for your deck. The cost for building a deck increases as square footage increases. Complex shapes add cost and require special cut pieces of wood.
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