How to Build a Silk Screen Press?


Building a silk screen press. Well you will need some mdf, glue, screen, screws,hinges and dowel rod. Oh yeah lets not forget the tools. Well here is a link to get you on the right path. It has everything you need to know to do just that. For more information look here:;
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1. Buy a wood picture frame that's at least 8.50 inches by 11 inches in size, but 6 inches larger than the image you will print. Inexpensive frames can be found easily at framing
Making a silk screen press is actually a relatively easy activity to do. But what is a silk screen press in the first place? It is part of the equipment for your screen printing supplies
1. Consider what the elements of your computer-generated art will be. Choose from illustration, typography, logos, icons, photos, shapes and colors. Decide what message or impression
1. Silk is not as durable as polyester, which makes up almost all silk screening kits today. pink silk image by Roslen Mack from Next to ink, a screen is perhaps the
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